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BMST 2020 Participation Announcement and Sponsorship Recruitment (07/MAR Updated).

Thank you very much. Marumasu@Mizutani.

In 2020, for the first time in 6 years, I will participate in BMST (Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials) as "MARUMASU RACING". Therefore, we are looking for sponsors from companies and individuals who can support our team.

It does not depend on the recent trend of "crowd funding", and it will be posted only through this blog, so I am not sure if the message will reach many and unspecified people, but I would be very happy if you could spread it through personal SNS.

It is a long letter, but I would be very happy if you could read it and give our team's "boost" to people who can sympathize with me.
Thank you in advance.

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Marumasu Motorcycle Lounge / Mizutani Kazutoshi

At the outset.

The race category "fastest trial" does not exist here in Japan, and there is no large place to hold it, so I think many people, especially those who are not involved with motorcycles, are not familiar with it.

This fastest trial is often done on dry soil or in salt lakes during the dry season.
We have been participating for 10 years since 2010 in the fastest race ever held at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, with a history of over 100 years.

If you've ever seen the documentary film "The world fastest Indian" which was released in 2005, you know it.

It is no exaggeration to say that the world's fastest speed recorded on the ground was born on the salt plains of Bonneville, and for those who aim for the fastest speed, it is truly a place where they can say, "sanctuary". Every year, various racing organizations around the world bring their fastest specially modified vehicles to compete in the fastest race, which is truly a "risk of death" race.

In 1970, as a child, I read in a newspaper or other source that the Mach number one in the U.S. "blue frame" had broken the record. I think it was at this time that I learned that it runs on the salt plain which extends to the horizon.

A few months later, in my hometown of Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture, I opened a shop dealing mainly with Harley Davidson in 2007. That is the "Marumasu Motorcycle Lounge" of today.

I originally liked to compete for speed on motorcycles and cars, so I think I was reckless when I was young whether it was legal or illegal.

Even though Harley's motor repair is a regular business, compared to Japanese domestic bikes, the power of this American motorcycle is obviously insufficient, so I spent my days working day and night on the Harley fuel plane in order to realize the opposite goal of how to retrofit this American motorcycle without breaking and to make it faster.

I'm going to tell you publicly now, but it was always public roads to test the performance of the modified engine.
With the opening of the Ise_wangan Expressway in the neighborhood, he used to run all night, calling it "test run".
On public roads, however, there are considerable risks for both the public and private sectors, and above all, no matter how fast you can drive, it is not an official record.

There were times when I couldn't get out of my head with the 2005 movie "the world fastest Indian", but it was around this time that I started to think that I wanted to set a world record on the salt flats of Bonneville.


In 2010, with the support of those around me, I made his first appearance in Bonneville.
It was a trio of us and two junior friends who came to us with their pocket money.

In this traditional race, which is 99% white, it is completely away for us Asians who can't tell right from left.
At first, everyone seemed cold, but as the days went by, there were people who came to help us, half amazed.

There was some machine trouble on the way, but thanks to the local team and riders, we were able to take FIM World Record in the 1650 M-PG class (Push-rod engine, natural intake, gasoline, 1550cc or less displacement, no cowl) where we were participating.

People of all nationalities, genders and ages will be given unstinting praise. The spirit of the Bonneville racers, their love for the race and, above all, their gratitude and respect for the Bonneville Salt Flats "quickest sanctuary".
I was deeply impressed by their attitude.

*This record was later featured in a front-page article in the Asahi Newspaper evening edition.

As the veteran team manager told us, "I won't let you win or run." the following year, in 2011, we continued to improve our record-keeping cars and entered the race. I set out to break my own record.
As a result, we were able to renew FIM's world record and also win the most valuable American AMA national champion in the same class. I've been running Bonneville for 10 years, and I think 2011 was the most fulfilling race in terms of content.

As there is no end to the details, the results for each fiscal year are shown below briefly.

2010 BMST First Participation 1650 M-PG Class FIM World Record

2011 BMST 2nd entry 1650 M-PG Class FIM World Record/AMA National Champion

2012 BMST 3rd Round 1650 No APS-PG Class Record

2013 BMST entry 4th new vehicle 2000 APS-PG class no record

2014 BMST 5th entry 2000 APS-P

2015 - 2018 Participation 6th - 9th EV Motorcycle Project by Mobitec Co., Ltd. No record of participation in EV Motorcycle Class

Participated in 2019 for the 10th time as the manager of the EV Bike Project team of Mobitec Co., Ltd.

It is the first time in 6 years that I have been invited to participate in 2014 in my Bonneville Race bike.
In fiscal 2014, we won the national championship for the AMA. However, despite the fact that the engine's engine speed limit was 6700 rpm, the injector (fuel injector) capacity installed at 5500 rpm reached its limit, and in light of the engine specifications, we were never able to exert 100% of our power. Therefore, the record of 170 MPH was not satisfactory.
In the first stage of this season, we cleared the average speed of 300 km/h. We would like to set the target speed at 200 MPH (320 km/h).

I know more than anyone that a 200 MPH over with an OHV natural-aspiration engine, based on a motorcycle other than the Harley, is not an easy thing to do.
The speed is in such a high hurdle range, but if we are going to aim for it, "No.1" is good, so we will aim for a world record in the 2000cc, natural aspiration, and OHV classes.

BMST 2020

The Bonneville race costs a lot of money.
Until now, we have managed to participate with donations from individuals and companies and "carrying out" from stores.
Of course, the members who came to Bonneville as staff were "one's own expense" "lunch box", so not only did they get paid, but they also took time off from work while they were in America, so I felt really disappointed.

Personally speaking, Teru, who opened a motorcycle shop in Osaka last year, has been coming to Bonneville for many years, but I don't think he should buy a plane ticket at actual cost because he actually operates a bicycle. Most of the crew members listed below will participate as volunteers.
However, I don't think you can always "Hold him in your arms." someone you know.

Therefore, in order to find a wide range of companies and individuals who are willing to sponsor, I am sending this message.
The necessary expenses for the race are roughly divided into the following 4.

・Vehicle production cost: 700,000 to 1 million yen
・Vehicle transportation cost (Round trip with carne): about 700,000 to 800,000 yen
・Race participation fee (including licenses and race insurance): 250,000 yen
・Miscellaneous expenses at the site (Travel expenses, food expenses, accommodation expenses x number of crew members): 1.5 million yen (250,000 yen x 6 people)

The above total is @ 3.55 million yen.

The above amount is the target amount, but if you sponsor in bulk, we will paint all the racing cars that will participate in this year's race in the corporate color of your company (Or an individual.).
After the race is over, you can rent a racing motorcycle for one year. I think this is my last race, so if you want, I can give it to you by my LSR.

It's an overseas race, and it's the fastest race, which is not familiar in Japan, so I don't know if it will benefit Japanese companies and individuals.
However, I am confident because it is the fastest race that we have continued for 10 years, and because it is highly evaluated overseas, I think it will be beneficial for those who are thinking about sending information overseas.

We accept all kinds of requests, not to mention the amount of support. If I can talk to you, I'll go anywhere.
We look forward to hearing from all of you who have the chance to use "living money".

Kazutoshi Mizutani (Marumasu Motorcycle Lounge)
310 -1 Nishibessho, Kuwana-shi, Mie 511-0851
mail mie4speed@me.com

※ I have PayPal Business account.
Can you use to VISA/MASTER cards. Please email for me.


Kazutoshi "KAZ" Mizutani (MARUMASU Motorcycle Lounge): Rider, Mechanic

Koichiro "ICHIRO" Oba (Bull's eye): EFI Tuning, Mechanics

Teruyuki "TERU" Morigami (Solid Core Motorcycle Works): Rider Support, Mechanics

Satoshi Hino: U.S.local coordination, vehicle transport, interpretation

Junichi "JUN" Kushitani (KUSHITANI co.ltd CEO): General racing equipment services

Satoshi Fujioka (KUSHITANI co.ltd): General racing equipment services

★2020 MARUMASU RACING Sponsored (As of 2020/01/24)★

[Domestic operations]
Kushitani Co., Ltd.: General race equipment
Scuderia Okumura: Suspension Maintenance
ZeeZoon Co., Ltd.: Production of dry carbon parts
Center Roots: helmet paint
Custom Works Zon: Ram_Air Box Production
Three Miles TC Co., Ltd.: Special price for parts using racing cars

[Overseas operations]
TRASK PERFORMANCE: Supplying parts for race bike
T-man Performance: Engine Case Machining

And Special Thanks to,
Marty Pedler (Colorado, U.S.)
Yamada (Hokkaido)
Nakamura (Saitama)
Uchiyama (Shizuoka)

*The above are not in order and are omitted.

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